All photos were taken by Minoru YAMADA.


The memories with our dogs …
Their names were “Chaos” and “Grand”.


We had visited to Yosemite National Park in 2010 and 2016.

Nakajima Park

I walk around and take some photos in Nakajima-Park every morning.

Nakajima Park Winter

Always a winter morning gets too much colder in Hokkaido.
It makes me annoy to go walking in the park.


It is really amazing what snowboarders can provide to a photographer like me. Such shots stuffed with excitement and thrill, which can rarely be found in any other winter sport. Hereby I present a piece of that…

San Francisco 2010

In 2010 while I was suffering from a lost pet syndrome I visited San Francisco.

San Francisco 2011

I paid a visit to San Francisco again because it was my wife’s wish.

San Francisco 2013

I visited San Francisco mostly because of my lecture about our product which measures body temperture. And after that my wife and I enjoyed San Francisco with my camera.

San Francisco 2016