BoRN is the last "hand" for Borzoi.

BoRN works to provide homes for Borzoi in need.

BoRN is a non-profit network consisting of individuals all over Japan.

Contact: Maki Teramura

(e-mail address : "hyphened borzoi and rescue, an underscore and web at")
BoRN makes efforts to reduce Borzoi that are abandoned or left to die alone. BoRN helps all Borzoi owners. We always look for Borzois and the owners that need our help. Our "hand" is limited, but we cannot stop wishing all Borzoi live a happy life with loving owners. We just do what we can do c

BoRN provides temporary homes for Borzoi in need until suitable permanent homes are found. When you contact BoRN, the director or the nearest located BoRN members will soon support you. BoRN will be responsible for the Borzoi until they are re-homed and BoRN will go on following up the new-BoRN family.

Please do not hesitate to rescue our beloved breed, Borzoi. Please do not make Borzois die alone! Please give our best friend a chance to be BoRN again!

Maki Teramura, Borzoi Rescue Network, Japan
in cooperation with Borzoi JP

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